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The test takes approximately 5 minutes

The questions are divided in three sections:
housing, travel and consumption

Climate footprint - What is the connection between climate change on our environment and the impact of my actions?

Climate footprint, or more commonly used, carbon footprint, is a way to measure the impact your living habits have on the climate and the environment. In order to limit climate change our greenhouse gas emissions must halve every decade and eventually reach net zero by 2050.

Just note, that climate care is not only about reducing your own climate footprint. It is also important what actions you take to influence a more environmentally friendly and climate positive attitude in the society as a whole. Track Emissions of the United States (US), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and The United Kingdom (UK), England, Scotland, England and Wales.

How to test and reduce your climate emissions - Can you become climate positive?

With ClimateHero climate calculator you can calculate the impact your living habits have on climate change, in just 5 minutes. The climate quiz consists of questions about how you live, travel and consume. Based on your answers, your all greenhouse gas emissions are estimated, and your climate footprint is calculated. You then receive feedback on your positive climate action, as well as suggestion on climate action you can take to reduce your climate emissions.

You also get the chance to offset your climate impact by funding the world's best climate crisis solutions.